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There is one fundamental definition for "sanity(external link)" in Merriam Webster's online dictionary(external link).

soundness of health or mind

Merriam Webster on the other hand provides three definitions for "insanity(external link)," with my personal favorite; the third, being broken into two renditions of this colorful explanation.

a : extreme folly or unreasonableness
b : something utterly foolish or unreasonable

Which of these definitions would you apply to the latest actions of our government?
  • The allocation of billions of dollars to saving businesses proven as being poorly, even illegally managed, then funding an advertising campaign for an entire industry to subsidize the purchasing of products using the money of those who may or may not be interested in buying the product.
  • Creating stimulus and bailout programs that deliver billions of yours and my dollars with nearly no provisions for fund distribution or expenditure oversight.
  • Rushing monstrously large bills into law that have hundreds or even more than a thousand pages and designed solve immense problems in a single action without reading them in detail.
To compound this problem we as the citizenry of this great country have provided our contributions to this insanity by leaving the insane in charge of the asylum. Our role as citizens does not end at the voting booth. We must not only communicate instructions to our representatives enabling them to better act in our interests, but also follow up to ensure they do. If we do not do these things then we can expect only those who take these actions to be represented. Today those speaking their minds and influencing our laws are lobbyists, and expecting politicians being lead by corporate representatives to act in the interests of we the people truly is insane.

It is time each of us stand up and peacefully make our minds known so as to bring about the changes needed and stop fulfilling Einstein's definition of insanity with our modus operandi of electing the same people over and over again then leaving them to their own devices.

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results

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